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  • Booked Solid Podcast 🎧: Author Devon Daniels dishes it all in this unfiltered, informative peek behind the curtain + into the book industryApple | Spotify

  • When They Popped Podcast 🎧: Devon Daniels discusses her experience filming the iconic Backstreet Boys music video I Want It That Way, her history of Hollywood red carpet-crashing, and her transition from teenybopper to romance writer. Apple | Spotify

  • Grace & Growth with Addie Podcast 🎧: Devon Daniels discusses her newest book, The Rom Con, and her publishing journey. Apple | Spotify

  • Write About Now Podcast 🎧: Devon Daniels joins the show to talk about her new book, The Rom Con. Daniels also discusses her unorthodox approach to writing, how her 'unicorn' first book got her multiple publishing offers, the odd appeal of the enemies to lovers genre, and what advice she would like to give her younger self. Apple | Spotify

  • Chris Voss Podcast 🎧: Devon Daniels joins the show to talk about her new book, The Rom ConApple | Spotify

  • HEAs & Hearbreaks Podcast 🎧: We sat down with romance author Devon Daniels to chat her most recent release, books, writing, and so much more! Apple | Spotify

  • What She's Having Podcast 🎧: Devon Daniels talks about her enemies-to-lovers bipartisan love story Meet You in the Middle, sex terminology in the romance world, what it's like to publish a political rom-com novel in 2021, and Devon’s parents’ meet cute story.​ Apple | Spotify

  • Book Bistro Podcast 🎧: This episode begins with an interview with Devon Daniels, author of Meet You in the Middle. Apple | Spotify

  • Download The Rom Con cover here.

  • Download the Meet You in the Middle cover here.

  • Download Devon Daniels' author photo here.

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